Close Your Eyes

Tune: Circle Game (Joni Mitchell)
Songwriter: Gray 1978: Lynn Brody (Captain), L. Plant (Co-captain)
Close your eyes and dream about a paradise
A place where special friendships can be found
People reaching out to help each other
As beauty love and laughter all abound
Dream of sunny days and starry nights
Swaying pines around a firelight
Here children live in a world that’s all their own
At Tapawingo, they grow in every way from day to day
As the summer seems to quickly pass away

Awake my child to find the place you’ve dreamt about
Treasured friendships of the rarest kind
Life at Tap unites our hearts forever
As thoughts of camp will bring you peace of mind
And the years go by as you move on
Yet the memories are never gone
Tapawingo has helped fulfill my dreams
Your heart remains in that paradise that is your summer home
For you’ve found that special world you call your own