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Health & Safety Are Tapawingo’s Highest Priority

Since 1919 we have provided a safe, healthy environment for thousands of Tap girls.  We have a robust staff training period before campers arrive, where we go over these topics, and more, in detail:

  • physical safety
  • emotional safety
  • conflict resolution
  • child development
  • risk management
  • injury prevention
  • effective coaching
  • community-building

As an American Camp Association accredited camp, we complete regular safety checks and consistently demonstrate our exemplary safety procedures. We have a network of professionals in the local community that can be called upon if a situation warrants it. Bridgton, 15 minutes away, has a hospital and an orthodontist. 

We serve healthy foods, adhere to consistent bedtimes, and encourage campers to hydrate, wear a hat and apply sunscreen and/or bug spray. We pay particular attention to our younger campers that are still refining their hygiene skills such as trimming fingernails and proper hair care.

“There was some kind of a connection and camaraderie that got created from spending day after day, and then week after week, and then year after year together. ”
Dancing while observing CDC guidelines

Staff Certifications

Dancing while observing CDC guidelines

Our staff are certificated in areas such as American Red Cross Lifeguarding, Wilderness First Aid, Maine Trip Leaders, Canoe Instruction, Water Ski Instruction and in high ropes operations.

Our Health Center Consists of:

  • Medical staff (RN, LPN or an EMT) and a full summer camp physician who lives onsite and provides clinic hours after breakfast and before dinner.
  • At least one medical staff is at every meal to distribute medications.
  • We utilize electronic health records. We collect camper health information in the spring in order to prepare for the season. The more we know about the physical, emotional, mental, and social health of your child the better we can care for her.
“Tapawingo is a place of joy–it just truly is. When I think of camp and my time as a camper, my heart melts. It was a place where I learned about myself, learned how to be independent, how to be a team player, how to lose, how to win, how to make mistakes, succeed, and grew a ton of confidence. ”
Alumna / Staff