Why Full Session? Seven Weeks of Joyful Growth

Tapawingo is a place of infinite personal growth. Social, emotional, skills-based learning are woven into the fabric of our daily routines. The more time each camper spends at camp, the more completely she is able to develop and practice these skills. Using a carefully-crafted, sequenced program, Tapawingo teaches life-long lessons about valuing people, being active and appreciating the natural world.

“Tapawingo pushed me to try new things, even when they felt scary or uncomfortable. Tap helps us move out of our comfort zones and that has been an incredible life lesson for me–to not just live in this place of comfort but to move through it and to grow even when it feels scary or overwhelming. Tapawingo is truly a place of joy and the most wonderful place I’d want to be as a kid in the summer. ”

Can’t Do Seven Weeks? We Understand.

Each camper and family is unique and you may not be able to commit for the entire summer. We have a flexible schedule for Tap girls who may want to start with just Session One (Four Weeks) or Session Two (Three Weeks).


Whatever you choose, every camper gets to experience a myriad of activities and special events.