Camp Tapawingo: Bird’s Eye View

Happy New Year to all! We wish the best in this New Year to you, your family, to all people and our beautiful earth.

A gift to us and to you for this New Year’s Day is the posted video. A camp parent and drone hobbyist visited camp this fall. He gifted to us this bird’s eye view of our campus….it is stunning to see our campus from the air. It shows us that we truly are stewards of a stunning forest and shoreline. When I watched this video for the first time I could hear the lines from one of our camp songs:

If you do add a few campers, spirit so true
Our leader, Jane, the teams of gray and blue
Then you will see why every year
We come from far and near
Singing Tap here is to you.

Thank you to our Tapawingo community for the memories made and the memories to come. For our alumnae, I suggest that you push mute to the videos random background song and sing “Look All Around You”

Look all around you, what do you see?
Nature’s beauty set for you and me
Molded by pine trees, covered by skies
From the lakes and to the hills
And here’s the reason why
If you do add a few campers, spirit so true
Our leader, Jane, the teams of gray and blue
Then you will see why every year
We come from far and near
Singing Tap here is to you.

Songs: Congrats Evie!

One of our Tap Girls won her class’s lyric writing competition, congratulations Evie! Listen to her lyrics in the video below. For those that do not know Evie, she is a current 4th grader and spent her 1st summer at Camp Tapawingo this year. It is very neat that her school had her lyrics put to music and performed. For those that do not know Tapawingo, songs are in our DNA.

Why are songs so important? Because singing is a fantastic way to teach our community about camp traditions & philosophy. And the act of singing, teaching songs and learning songs is a “together” task, it forms bonds that tighten our sense of community. We sing songs while hiking, at meals, while walking at camp, in the bunk…you get it, throughout the day. The majority of our song lyrics are written by our campers and staff as part of our Blue versus Gray competition which dates back to our early days (Est. 1919). Explore a trove of Camp Tapawingo songs, online unofficial songbook.

Bike-A-Wingo ! (?)

On September 17th, 350 BikeMaine cyclists rolled into Tap!  We were stop 5 on their 7 day and 349 mile trip around Maine.  There were kids and adults in the group and they enjoyed their temporary Tap surroundings.

Tap is proud to support The Maine Bicycle Coalition, a bike education and advocacy organization.  Thank you to the volunteers from our town of Sweden who helped us to pull this off.  Go 04040!

Enjoy these photos of Bike-A-Wingo!

Camp Tapawingo,Maine Summer Camp,Summer camp,CampTapawingo

The bell turned bike stand.

Camp Tapawingo, CampTapawingo, Maine Summer Camp, Summer Camp

Tent village on the softball outfield.

Camp Tapawingo,CampTapawingo,Maine Summer Camp,Summer Camp

BikeMaine, welcome bicyclists!

Camp Tapawingo,CampTapawingo,Maine Summer Camp,Summer Camp

Tent Village





Tap’s 95th Reunion

We welcome you back to Gray & Blue for….

Tap’s 95th Reunion!

This way to Tap

This way to Tap

When: July 19-20

Where: The Place of JOY!

Why: Because it’s been way too long since you swam the lake, hiked a mountain, shot an arrow, said how-how, and sang all day long!


Here’s what CHARLIE (remember Charlie?) printed out as your schedule….


  • PERIOD 1: (10:00) – Arrive at Tap
  • PERIOD 2: Blue/Gray Softball Game
  • PERIOD 3: Lake Swim (or) Tennis (or) Ropes
  • PICNIC LUNCH: Singing and Songleading by the Decades (1-9-4-0 Tap-a-wingo…)
  • REST HOUR: BYOM (Bring your Own Mad Libs)
  • PERIOD 4 & 5: Mount Sabbatus Hike (or) Ropes Course (or) Water Skiing (or) Canoeing (or) Archery (or) Basketball (or) Tennis – – you never had so many choices at camp!
  • REC PERIOD / DINNER (5:00 – 7:30): Alumnae LEAVE camp to eat and play in Maine. Don’t forget to come back for Evening Activity!
  • EVENING ACTIVITY (7:45): Alumnae led Campfire: How-How!
  • POST EVENING ACTIVITY (9:00): Sing-Along with Joyce in the Main Lodge
  • TAPS (11:00): Alumnae LEAVE camp to go to their HOTELS/LODGINGS


  • SPECIAL SUNDAY (9:45): Alumnae ARRIVE Back at Camp.
  • TEAM CHEERS (10:00): Go to the Lower Playground and cheer on your team — Go Blue! Go Gray!
  • ACTIVITIES (10:15): Tennis Round Robin (or) Basketball (or) Archery (or) Volleyball
  • GOODBYE (12:00): Alumnae LEAVE camp 🙁 Soooo long we’ll see you again, see you again someday….SOON!

If you didn’t get an invitation or if you have questions, please contact Jane – or 207-647-3351

Earth Day 2013


For our 94th season we want to do more for our beautiful environment!  It is our responsibility to take care of our fresh water, towering pines and clear starry skies.  Last year we decreased our waste by increasing our recycling.  For this Earth Day, Tap is making two commitments – to increase the amount of local food that we purchase and to plant an organic vegetable & flower garden.  We have selected these projects because they reduce the amount of fossil fuels needed to acquire our foods, add beauty to our campus and allow us to experience the lessons of tending to the earth as we sustain our gardens!

Happy Earth Day!

Welcome to our new website!

Welcome to our new web site!

I’ve been in camping 57 years—as a camper, staff member, and director/owner–and this is the first blog I’ve ever written.  How exciting!

Our blog will contain news, comments, thoughts, and ideas related to Tapawingo written by our staff, campers and alumnae, so check in with us often.

Hope to see you all soon.