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The Grapevine: August 2010

We Welcome You (Back) To Gray & Blue

With over 100 alumnae returning to celebrate Tapawingo for the reunion, the weekend was a success measured by the amount of laughter and singing. Former staff and campers from the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and 00s were in attendance. The weekend included Services, Campfire, Lake Swim(s), Ropes Course and other regular activities.

Thanks for all of the fun, we look forward to celebrating Tapawingo together soon. The next reunion will be in 2014, celebrating Tap’s 95th birthday.

NOTE: there are additional photos in the ‘photo album’ and more from the reunion will be added in the coming weeks.

“Tapawingo has two tribes but only one circle”

“Let us strive to grow strong like the pine”

“Down where the birches sway”

“Was it funny, was it worth repeating?”



By: Bobbie Grossman Lublin 1951 – 1955 &
Linda Feldman Duritz 1948 – 1958
(thank you for permission to use this!)

Lots of things are the same in 2010 but way back in the ‘50s many things were a little different.

Counselors were still called the red team – although their uniform was black & white and did not have any red clothing as it does now.

The Uniform:
We had uniforms then, but the similarity stops there
We had gray wool shorts, slacks, and flannel blazers with attractive ties
We also had blue wool bathing suits
We did not have a shoe for running, a shoe for hiking and those rubber boots for the rain. Instead we had 2 pairs of shoes – sneakers and saddle shoes. We hiked Mount Washington in our saddle shoes

The Bunks:
There are some new additions
All used to have fabulous autographed walls
Mattresses feel the same now as they did then
And the shower house had no curtains or even stalls

The Music:
We had 75 RPM records
Ya’ll have I-Pods
We used to sing songs to one another, now we sing the same songs but to our grandchildren

We took the train
Ya’ll take a plane

We had many activities but we didn’t have gymnastics, ropes course, waterskiing, wind surfing, sailing and tubing

We had an old “T” shaped dock, now you have several ‘cribs’
There was not ‘stop or go’ sign

General Memory:
Each year we had a fabulous blueberry hunt & each bunk returned with buckets of berries and from then on we would have blueberry muffins, pancakes and pies until they ran out.

Clearly the same:
Crying at the end of the year
Friendships made were proof that these friendships last forever

Tapawingo’s 100th anniversary is coming up. This is something that we would not miss. We hope to see you all there too!

NOTE FROM EDITOR – the 95th will be first! We hope to see you at both!!!

After All The World Is Small

Keep In Touch!

The role of the Grapevine is now multi-fold. It is a place to document camp’s recent events, for alumnae to share memories and will still remain as a place to give and receive updates.

In regards to sharing memories I want to expand on this for a moment. We are seeking to post two Grapevines a year – Fall and late winter/spring. Each issue will have a theme such as “banquet, Junior summer, the Lake, Maureen Bromley” etc. This will allow for alumnae to share memories, for current campers to learn from their older generations of Tap girls and as well may be used to train our current and next generation of Tap staff.

The theme for the Winter/Spring Grapevine is “Banquet”. Please submit your thoughts, ideas and memories of this Tapawingo tradition.

The format of your submissions can be story, essays, poetry, pictures, this is where your creativity is encouraged.

Please send submissions and feedback to the Grapevine’s current Editor JD Lichtman at