Younger campers, ages 8-11, rotate through all the activities “Tap” has to offer so they can learn the basic skills in each of the activities. Senior campers, ages 12-16, choose their schedules from our many offerings.

Regular Schedule

Six days a week we have “regular schedule”.  Here is how a typical day at Camp Tapawingo seems to speed along.

7:30 Reveille
7:55 Flag Raising
8:00 Breakfast, followed by bunk cleanup
9:30 First activity period
10:30 Second activity period
11:30 Third activity period
12:45 Lunch, followed by rest hour
3:00 Fourth activity period
4:00 Fifth activity period
5:00 Recreational activity
5:55 Flag lowering
6:00 Dinner
7:15 Evening activity
9:00 Taps, with lights out for Juniors and Middlers. Older campers go to bed later.

Special Sunday

Every Sunday is “Special Sunday”… What to expect – sleeping late, pajamas to breakfast and donuts too!  And an all camp activity which varies each week and even every year, examples visiting day, a carnival, relay race, and a blue and gray competition.