About Tap

Tapawingo is an intimate camp where girls spend their summer days in an encouraging environment of play, learning, companionship, and fresh air. We believe that three, four or seven weeks away from home are a most important time for a young girl and that the lessons of the Tapawingo experience are learned for life. “Tap” is smaller than most of its counterparts. This is a camp where every camper knows every other camper and counselor. We are a summer family.

Tapawingo enjoys a beautiful, very private setting on 200 acres in Southwestern Maine. While many camps share large lakes with other camps and resorts, we are the only camp on our lake. We have the only power boat on our lake. This allows our campers to enjoy our extensive waterfront activities to the fullest during the day and enjoy nothing but views of the Milky Way and the eerie call of the loon in the evening.

Tapawingo’s director and owner, Jane Lichtman, has directed Tap since 1983.