Songs: Congrats Evie!

One of our Tap Girls won her class’s lyric writing competition, congratulations Evie! Listen to her lyrics in the video below. For those that do not know Evie, she is a current 4th grader and spent her 1st summer at Camp Tapawingo this year. It is very neat that her school had her lyrics put to music and performed. For those that do not know Tapawingo, songs are in our DNA.

Why are songs so important? Because singing is a fantastic way to teach our community about camp traditions & philosophy. And the act of singing, teaching songs and learning songs is a “together” task, it forms bonds that tighten our sense of community. We sing songs while hiking, at meals, while walking at camp, in the bunk…you get it, throughout the day. The majority of our song lyrics are written by our campers and staff as part of our Blue versus Gray competition which dates back to our early days (Est. 1919). Explore a trove of Camp Tapawingo songs, online unofficial songbook.